Computer Support Services

In a busy office environment, routine computer maintenance and IT tasks often take a lower priority to core business functions. At Sharpedge IT, our goal is to keep your desktops, laptops, printers and other network equipment running smoothly so that your business can do what it does best. Whether you are looking for an immediate fix to a computer issue or on-going technical support, our IT services are designed to keep your small businesses going. We understand that not each small business is the same, so it is our priority to work with you to design and implement technology solutions that meets both the goals and budget of your organization.

If your business has a Maintenance Agreement with us, getting a fix is as simple as picking up the phone or sending an email!  What if your business doesn’t currently have a Maintenance Contract, or your home office computer needs repair work?  No problem – we also offer both on-site and remote support IT services which are more affordable than you might think!

Sharpedge IT - Desktop Support Services

Computer Services We Provide

From removing viruses to setting up wireless networks and computers, we’ve got a service for that.  In fact, we guarantee we can find a solution to your computer related problem or you don’t pay! The list below covers a few of our most commonly requested services, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific needs!

Sharpedge IT LLC - Computer Repair Services

Computer Deployments & Migrations

Preparing for the jump to the latest Operating System or looking to add new Computers, Laptops or Printers to your network?  Our focus is on providing a wide selection of quality computing products to meet the ever changing needs of your business. Not only will we assist in finding and quoting the appropriate devices to meet your project goals, we will get it configured properly to integrate into your existing network environment.

    • New or certified refurbished Windows or Apple computers
    • Custom built, high performance computers
    • Keyboards, mice, printers and other peripheral devices

Maintenance Agreements

If your business has several Computers, Printers and other networked devices, you may understand how time consuming it can become to keep things up to date and running properly when you do not have full time IT support. Even when your computers seem to be operating as they should, an ever increasing number of threats may be waiting for the chance to wreak havoc on your network infrastructure.

With a Monthly Service Agreement with Sharpedge IT, your computer related headaches become our responsibility and our experienced support staff are at your side, becoming an extension of your business.

    • Actively monitor network and workstations to minimize critical problems
    • Assess and protect against security threats and vulnerabilities
    • Ensure all software and operating systems have the latest security patches
    • Work with hardware and software vendors on behalf of your business
    • Provide priority helpdesk and remote support
    • Provide IT Consulting and discounted pricing on new projects

For a free site assessment and pricing, please contact us with some basic details of your organization. We will gladly work to provide your business a solution that will suit your IT needs and budget.

Virus & Malware Removal

Computer viruses infect millions of computer systems across the globe every day, destroying data, stealing information, rendering the computer unusable, or even using your computer for nefarious purposes.  With tens of thousands of new computer viruses and malicious programs released everyday, chances are most individuals using the internet will encounter a virus at some point, requiring a virus removal service.

While the symptoms of a computer virus may not be immediately noticeable, the most common signs of an infected computer are:

    • Computer freezes or Windows crashing with a blue screen
    • Frequent errors or programs not working properly
    • Slower internet speeds or slow computer performance
    • Computer hardware and accessory problems

To remove the virus and keep your protect your data, we perform a in-depth and complete system scan to identify any viruses and malware installed on your computer.  Once identified, we work to remove and repair the damage caused, checking the health of your hardware along the way.  Once complete, we will analyze your current anti-virus solution and provide any recommendations if necessary to prevent virus infections in the future.

We are fast, affordable and provide our virus & malware removal services to both business and residential customers.

Data Recovery & Backup

Unfortunately, hardware failures, hackers, viruses and ransomware are becoming a larger threat to today’s computing environments. Since the data on your network is often much more valuable to your business then the physical computers, it is important to have an effective backup strategy in place so you are protected in the event of a digital disaster.  If you are interested in setting up a backup or disaster recovery solution for your business, we would happy to sit down with you to discuss the various options. From setting up a quality NAS (Network Attached Storage) system or finding a cloud storage provider, we want to make sure your business has what it needs to keep sensitive operational and customer data safe and secure.

You don’t want to call us when it’s too late! However, if you have made the mistake of not backing up your data or accidentally lost your data, we are pleased to offer Data Recovery solutions to retrieve lost or deleted data from desktops, laptops, USB Flash Drives, and external hard drives.

    • Recovery from hardware failure
    • Accidental deletion
    • Unrecognized external hard drive or USB device

While our ability to recover lost or deleted data is largely dependent on the cause of data loss, in most cases data can be recovered from a hard drive if other computer components have failed.  In the event that a specialized data recovery company is required, we will work with our preferred vendor to provide accurate pricing.

Remote IT Support

With the availablity of Highspeed Internet, our Remote Technical Support services have become a efficient and cost-effective solution for minimizing your computer and network downtime! In just a few quick clicks, our friendly support staff are ready to analzye, diagnose and resolve your computer problems utilizing the latest remote management software.

    • Troubleshooting Operating System and Software / Application related issues
    • Computer maintenance including Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal and Computer Tune-ups
    • Basic computer hardware troubleshooting and diagnostic
    • Troubleshooting of devices such as printers, firewalls and other attached network devices
    • Many other services can be performed remotely! Let us know what we can do to help!

For computer issues that can not be resolved remotely, we offer On-Site IT Services to help assist and resolve issues when necessary!

Onsite IT Support

Wouldn’t it be easy to pickup the phone and stop worrying about your computer problems? With our On-Site IT Services, there is no longer a need to disconnect all those cables and pack up the computer! Our friendly and skilled technicians can service and repair the majority of computer issues onsite:

    • Computer hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Faulty hardware replacement, including Video Cards, RAM, Power Supplies and other Perifrials
    • Troubleshooting Operating System and Software / Application related issues
    • Computer maintenance including Virus/Malware Removal and Computer Tune-ups

With our customer-first approach, we are happy to assist our customers in a way that is most convenient to your business schedule and needs!  Don’t need on-site service?  Check out our Remote Technical Support which can be performed from anywhere, as long as the computer is connected to the internet.