Managed WordPress Hosting

So what is Managed WordPress Hosting?  Our Managed WordPress Hosting service is a professional suite of services bundled together to handle all of the technical aspects of your WordPress based website. The idea behind Managed WordPress Hosting is to provide a completely hassle-free hosting experience, so you can dedicate your time to running your organization or growing your business and connecting with customers! One of the best parts of Managed WordPress hosting is that you receive premium WordPress Support without having to hire a Website Administrator to maintain and update your WordPress website.

Due to the rising popularity of WordPress Websites, it has become an attractive target for hackers on the web.  According to Sophos Labs, nearly 30,000 websites are hacked each day and then used to spread malicious code to visitors.  Keeping up with regular maintenance and software updates is important to keeping your site, data and web presence safe and secure.  Although we can’t guarantee your website will be hack-proof, we can help to drastically lower the odds of your website becoming another statistic with our Managed WordPress Hosting!

Here are some things to consider when imagining the true impact of having your WordPress website hacked

    • Developer & designer fees to repair or rebuild your website from damage
    • Administrative costs to mitigate the problem and migrate your website to a secure location
    • Data Loss (website content) or Data Theft (customer information)
    • Loss of revenue during downtime (sites can be down for hours, days or even weeks!)
    • Breach of trust and customer loss
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Advantages of Managed Wordpress Hosting

Automatic Updates

Regular updates to WordPress core and plugins to keep your site protected.

Firewall Protection

Protection from hackers utilizing a constantly updated threat database.

Optimized Software

Secure and optimized infrastructure for speed and reliability.

Free Site Cleanup

Up to 2 free hours + 1/2 off clean-up rate if malicious files or code is found.

Weekly Backups

We take weekly backups and store them in a secure offsite location.

Integrated Malware Scanner

Weekly scans for malware, unauthorized changes, files and backdoors.

Full Server Access

Maintain access to your cPanel Instance, core files and databases.

VIP Access

Discounted rate on development services to enhance or add to your website.

Staging Site

A staging site to do any testing prior to making any live website changes.

Live Traffic Monitoring

See who is visiting your site and block hacker & intrusion attempts.

Automatic SSL

Free SSL Certificate to protect your website traffic and customer data.

Lightning Fast Support

We are here to help you and your website succeed, day or night!